Michigan Extruded Aluminum
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MEA produces extrusions most difficult to the more standard profiles and everything in between.  Many shapes can be produced below standard extrusion tolerances.

  • MEA has two 7” diameter presses, 1550 ton and 1675 ton
  • Profile must fit within a 7” diameter circle
  • Max 4.5 lbs & Min. 0.125 lbs wt/ft
  • Cut length tolerances on lineal, standard = +/- .125”, precision +.125” -000”
  • Lead-Times: Consistently the shortest in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry
  • Standard extrusion run minimums are 1,000 lbs for lineal, 500 lbs for extrusions with additional operations, but MEA is willing to work with our customers to fit their volume requirements.