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To someone unfamiliar with the aluminum extrusion process, the easiest way to describe the process is to use the example of a Play-Doh factory. You pick the shape you desire, and then squeeze the Play-Doh through the shape. This is similar to the way an aluminum extrusion works, except that an aluminum extrusion exits the press opening at around 1,000°F, and can give memorable experiences if the parts encounter exposed skin. Along with the high temperatures, the extrusion press is pushing with over 1,500 tons of force.  Both temperature and pressure must be controlled in order to obtain the required profile. Add the extrusion die into the mix, and you have something more than just typical manufacturing….more closely resembling magic!

MEA’s knowledge of this process, and what it requires to satisfy every customers custom extrusion needs, sets us above the crowd in the industry. MEA likes to have the long running, high volume jobs, as does everybody, but we specialize in many die setups per shift, and are always adjusting our schedule to meet customer demands. We do not lock in press time for anyone, focusing on meeting the on-time delivery requirements of each customer. In order to assist you in determining if MEA is the aluminum extrusion source for your company:

  • MEA currently has two 7” diameter presses; 1550 ton and 1675 ton presses
  • Based on our press sizes, we are limited to profiles running within a 7” circle size
  • MAX profile weight per foot is around 5 pounds depending on cut length required
  • MIN profile weight per foot is around 0.100 pounds depending on profile configuration
  • 1,000 pound minimum order quantity for parts longer than 7’ length with standard cut tolerance (± .125)
  • 500 pound minimum order quantity for parts shorter than 7’ length with tighter cut tolerances
  • MEA will quote to meet any customer’s order requirements, even if they are below typical minimum order requirements.

If you are just needing a standard type profile (tubes, flat bars, and angles), please check out our Standard Shapes Catalog and request a quote if you find something that will meet your requirements.  Please note that none of these items are stocked items, but are priced and extruded based upon customer request.

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