In addition to the precision cutting and machining operations that we offer, MEA understands the customers desire to receive a completed part. MEA currently works with suppliers that allow MEA to offer anodizing, non-hexavalent chromate conversion, powder coating, and e-coating.

Anodizing is an electrical process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.  Anodizing increases aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion and increases the wear protection of the aluminum. MEA currently sources these anodizing options to our customers:

  • Clear, Black and Bronze up to 20′ lengths
  • Various colors in lengths shorter than 3′
  • Hardcoat Anodize up to 20′ lengths
  • Flash Anodize

Non-Hexavalent Chromium Conversion (Alodine):

  • Chromate conversion coating is a type of conversion coating used to passivate the aluminum extrusion. It is primarily used as a corrosion preventer or as a primer for adhesion of paint. The process is named for the chromate found in chromic acidhexavalent chromium, the chemical that has been widely used in the process. Due to the toxicity of the hexavalent chromate conversion (Alodine), MEA now uses Non-Hexavalent Chromium conversion for the Alodine finishes we supply to our customers. (RoHS compliant)

Powdercoating is a process of applying powdered paint particles to an aluminum product by way of electrostatically charging the particles so that they are attracted to the aluminum.  After the powder is applied, it is cured to give the correct look and film properties of the powdercoat.

  • Up to 16′ lengths in any variety of colors and texture

E-Coat is a process where parts are dipped into a vat of lacquer or paint and are electrified in order to create a reaction at the surface which deposits the paint. E-coating on the aluminum extrusion surface serves as a protective layer with high corrosion resistance. MEA currently is able to provide black E-Coated parts to our customers up to 120″ in length.

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