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Every shape is packed a little different, and most customers have specific ways they probably would like to have their parts packed. MEA has a standard packing method that we typically use, which is designed to give parts with visible or critical surfaces protection during the handling and shipping of the product. MEA will work with each customer individually if they desire different packaging, or if the profile does not fit well with standard packaging. MEA’s desire is that when a customer receives a shipment from MEA, they know that the extrusions will be in perfect condition. Types of packaging MEA currently uses may be:

  • Paper, plastic, or foam interweave to separate parts
  • Thick cardboard strips vertically and horizontally to keep all material from touching
  • Custom foam dividers designed and purchased by MEA to form fit and protect extrusions
  • Divided boxes for ensuring many small or critical finished parts are separated
  • Plastic sleeves placed on individual parts for protection
  • Exact pack quantities per bundle, box and shipment if required
  • Returnable racks and skids
  • Cardboard or boards surrounding bundles and skids for part protection

MEA also has our own fleet of trucks that are used to make weekday deliveries. While deliveries are primarily made in Michigan, our trucks are available for shipments including Indiana and Ohio on an as schedule allows basis. Shipments out of our typical trucking range are handled by common carrier, but we allow the customer to select their preferred carrier, and negotiate their own shipping price with the carrier, so that they are better able to control total purchase costs and delivery.

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