April 2022 Aluminum UpdateApril 1, 2022

Low global inventories on raw aluminum, and continued heavy demand across the industry, is continuing to push prices to the stratosphere on aluminum extrusions.  Prices for the month of April have increased $0.16 per pound based on the LME and Midwest Average transaction increases.  Current Midwest Average price at close […]

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February 2022 Aluminum updateFebruary 1, 2022

The price for aluminum jumped back up to near record highs in the month of January.  The LME price was up, in addition to the billet and Midwest premiums.  The month of January closed at $1.69 per pound (rounded two decimals) on the Midwest Average, which was a $0.19 per […]

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December 2021 Aluminum UpdateDecember 1, 2021

Price came down considerably for both the LME as well as the Midwest Premium leading to a $1.47 per pound Midwest Average at the end of November (rounded two places).  This is about a $0.22 per pound decrease over prior month.  Expectations are that this may be a temporary dip, but […]

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April 2021 Aluminum UpdateApril 5, 2021

Both the LME and the Midwest premium increased in price throughout March, leading to a closing Midwest Average of $1.18 (rounded 2 places).  This was an $0.08 per pound increase over prior month for orders placed in April 2021.

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December 2020 Aluminum UpdateDecember 1, 2020

Cost for aluminum went up considerably in the month of November due to an increase in the LME traded price, coinciding with increased demand.  Pricing for December is based on a Midwest Average of $1.01 (rnd to 2 places), up $0.07 per pound from prior month.

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