June 2019 Aluminum UpdateJune 3, 2019

Prices for purchased material came down once again in June.  This was due to a decrease in the LME price which gave us a Midwest Average of $1.00 per pound in May, rounded to two places.  This was a decrease of $0.03 per pound from April’s average.

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May 2018 aluminum updateMay 1, 2018

On April 6th, the US imposed sanctions on Russian aluminum producer Rusal, which supplied large amounts of aluminum to the US.  This drove a sharp increase in prices, affecting both the LME and Midwest spot premium.  Due to these sanctions, Midwest Avg. rose to $1.23 per lb, up $0.10 per lb from where […]

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June 2016 Raw Material trendJune 6, 2016

May’s Midwest Average for raw material remained the same as April’s at $0.79 per pound. LME appears to be holding flat through the beginning part of June as well.

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March 2016 Raw Material TrendMarch 4, 2016

February’s Midwest Average was $0.79 per lb, up $.03 from January’s Midwest Average. Also in other news: LME aluminum contract spread backwardation widens as warehouse rule kicks in   Tokyo—The backwardation in London Metal Exchange aluminum contract spreads widened for cash-to-three months during Asian trading hours on March 1 as […]

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Current raw material trend for February 2016February 3, 2016

January’s Midwest Avg. (rounded to 2 places) was $0.76 per pound.  During the last two weeks of January, the Midwest Premium rose .5¢ /lb, accompanying the increase in the LME price.  It does appear though, from our sources, that the Midwest Avg. is stable.  Current trend is up $.02 / lb, but it […]

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